Thursday, October 18, 2012

Someone said something that got me thinking....

The other day, I was watching an interview somewhere and heard someone say something to the effect of:

It's so hard to combat buying the food the TVs telling you to buy.....

It is hard!  I know it!  Advertisers are really good at (and highly motivated to) make us buy food we KNOW is bad....I mean REALLY -- the stuff that has NO redeeming qualities (think soda!  regular or diet) for us.

So what's your solution to this problem going to be? Live under constant stress of making the wrong choice because you're primed by watching all the commercials?  Max out your willpower during the 7-8pm time slot and give in by 8.30?

If you can't deal with standing strong against the marketing campaigns DESIGNED to ruin you healthy eating behaviors. What should you do???? 

(Just as an aside:  How many commercials for apples, whole cranberries (as opposed to juice), carrots, lettuce, and the like have you ever seen??  Not many.  You know why?  Because there isn't as high of a profit margin in whole foods -- there's no money to advertise!  If you're seeing an ad for it, the manufacturer has paid BIG money to put it there in hopes they will make BIG BIG money when we all go running to the grocery store because "there's nothing in the house". )

Here's my suggestion -- if you can't stand strong against the commercials -- Turn off the TV.  Honestly, we really can't have everything!

We can't sit for an average of 8 hours a day (AVERAGE mind you, which means some of us are sitting much more than that!!!), eat everything that crosses our paths or captures our attention, and expect to be healthy and feel energetic.

If you are easily influenced, turn it off.  I bet if you make a commitment to turn it off for 1 week -- you will find you are not thinking about eating nearly as often and many of your cravings will go away because you aren't getting the constant triggers to eat food you aren't hungry for.

The easiest diet change you'll every make -- turning off the TV.

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