Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The trick to this all is creating enough simple paths and putting success in our way every day.  --Chris Brogan

Chris just embarked on a new health behavior change program and wrote a post about some of the choices he is making.

The quote above struck me because he made a point about creating new paths to positive behaviors -- but equally important is to make those paths SIMPLE!

If chips are a food you often over eat -- don't keep them in your house!  You can still eat them -- just make it much more difficult to get them.

Make the simple behaviors easier.  Pack your lunch so it's easier to say not today when you're asked if you want to go out for lunch.

Start eating with other people trying to eat smaller portions -- it makes it so much easier to control yours.

You control much more of your environment that you may assume at first glance.

Take a second look.  See if there is a simpler path.

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