Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Beacon of Hope

The below is a blog post I ran across yesterday:

Apologies for the continued hiatus

Apologies for the continued and still continuing hiatus, readers. I’m talking time off from school/work/research/blogging and have been for some time now, for those who weren’t aware. I have an unfortunate slew of health issues (auto-immune disease) that I’m dealing with right now and have had to step back from some things to keep the work-life balance in check. Hopefully, I’ll be making my return to blogging (and physics [and health]) soon.

Notice anything interesting?  Here is a person who is (literally) willing to tell the world that she can't do it all all at the same time.  She has things going on right now that require more of her attention and to keep her life in balance, she recognized she needed to make some changes.  AND THEN she actually acted on her self-analysis! 

I hope you take this as the beacon it was for me.  We can't do it all, all of the time.  We make choices about how to balance our lives.  Sometimes, we need to set aside things that are important so we can deal with other things that (right at that particular time in our life) is more important.

We all make choices everyday.  What choices are you making?

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