Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Does the word make you worried?  Honestly, when was the last time you experienced scarcity (as it relates to food)???  Sure, there are hungry people out there (or right around the corner for that matter).  They experience scarcity daily -- but I bet that isn't really you (since you're reading this blog).

The drive that causes you to pack in 6 cookies (or two steaks) before you eating companions, otherwise know as the competition, can get to them, is left over from a time in our collective history where that skill was important to our survival.

That very same instinct is killing us now.  We are blessed with too much food.  Scarcity isn't an issue.  You can always get more.  Maybe it's not more of the exact thing you want -- but you aren't going to perish of starvation!

Slow down!  Eat only what you have time to taste.  Don't let your blessing of abundance harm you.

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