Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sometimes Fancy doesn't Pay

I have been working on the Athletic Performance blog.  I came up with a GENIUS idea to increase people's awareness of this new Borgess offering.  I created a Power Point, uploaded it -- man! I was sure pleased with myself!

And then the blog melted down.....

So I fixed it!  (Hope springs eternal!)

I was clicking around on it -- making sure it was in good working order.

And then it melted down again.....

Had I stuck to old methods of paper distribution of Power Point information, the blog would be intacked.  But.....

I would never learn how to use the new tools technology is providing me.


Even though I am tired, cranky, and frustrated (sound familiar?), I think I will still choose to keep working on this new skill until I get it right (or until IT takes away my blogging privileges :)

How about you?  Ever get tired, cranky, and frustrated because the new skills you thought you had mastered have led to a meltdown?

Whatcha gonna do about it?  Give up???  I don't think so!!  Get back in there!

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