Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Being a good neighbor

Julien just wrote a post about being a good neighbor -- both locally (helping a stranger with directions in his neighborhood) and globally (how we interact while we're on the web).  I've been thinking a lot about "local" lately -- both in the contexts of my FC and community "local" (Rob, from Gazelle, inspired me when he talked about how shopping at Gazelle allows Gazelle to sponsor tons of great event in my area....especially my FAV Girls on the Run).  Ooops...I digress.

Being a good neighbor....Julien says, "There’s something great about being asked to do your civic duty, either giving people directions or helping an old lady with her groceries. I have a feeling a lot of people like it. Yet in this society we are asked to do it less and less. This sense of duty and the muscle that accompany it are atrophying because we are rarely called upon to exercise it."

I completely agree with the sentiment.  It feels GREAT to put some good into the world!

What if you saw your civic duty as being a great example of healthy behaviors?  Parking further out in the lot.  Riding your bike sometimes.  Packing half of your restaurant portion into a takeout container before you even start eating.  And yes....mindfully making decisions about what tastes great (and eating that) and what doesn't (and NOT eating that).

What if you used the positive feelings you get from making the world a better place as the fuel to keep you moving on the mindful eating/ healthy weight path? 

I need you to lead by example, people!  Our world is getting unhealthier by the minute.  Leading causes of death are those related to the very easy lifestyle of little movement and lots of food.  You can make a difference today by acting on your intentions and being good neighbor!

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