Friday, November 18, 2011

Do something Friday

"The left hemisphere gives names to objects in order to reduce and simplify them. One nose is like another, for example, so when we're asked to draw one, we retrieve the symbol we have for "nose" from our memory, reproduce it and move on.

The right hemisphere, by contrast, is visual rather than verbal. It's capable of seeing more deeply and subtly than the left, immersing itself in what's actually there, in all its richness." --The Energy Project

Think about this -- we have successfully reduced one of the most complex social, biological, and personal experiences (eating), down to a set of numbers to be manipulated.

We've traded taste for calories.

We now run away from fat and toward anything labeled "Baked".

We eat out of paper bags, while we're driving, routinely.

We spend hours and hours watching Food Network stars preparing beautiful, delicious foods -- but we won't take the time to actually practice these arts.

We've sucked the creativity and joy out of eating.

And then we reinforce this behaviour by allowing ourselves (and yes, this is an active choice we make!) to feel guilty about what we just ate if we weren't "good enough".

It's time to get over that!  It's not working!!  How many times have you been on a diet only to end up here reading this blog???

It's time to starting training the other side of your brain.  The creative side that can make something delicious and satisfying from simple ingredients.

It's time to start thinking about how those baked chips taste (sawdust, anyone?)  And how the fat-laden ones taste too?  (are they really as good as you think they are? -- do they stop tasting good because you eat too many without thinking?)

It's time to start cooking so you can connect with the food you eat on an emotional level.  Find some table companions who will go on this journey with you.  Start using meal time as a chance to relax and connect with people you love -- not just as time to multi-task and get yourself to the next appointment or soccer practice.

I'm not talking about remaking your whole life by tomorrow (or chaining yourself to the kitchen).  That's not my style!  I'm talking about preparing one meal this week with the intention of sitting down and tasting that food.  Of having your house smell like home.

Of reclaiming your creative brain.  There are better, more effective ways to solve our weight problems!!  We just need to create them!

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