Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Snob Diet

One of the great thing about getting my hair cut is the number of fluff magazines that abound.  These are mags I love to read but won't spend the time or money on normally because, most of the time, they're just too ....well....dumb.

Anyway, the other day, I was waiting my turn for the chair when the shop owner, Sherry, told me I HAD to read the article in this month's Glamour called The Snob Diet.  She is certain this is the way to lose weight!  Well, I gotta tell ya!  That's all it takes to pique my interest -- so...I opened up the mag she threw on my lap and started reading.

And what do ya know?!  I am a true believer that Glamour got this one right!

The Snob Diet consists of eating only those things that you truly want to eat.  No processed cheese food when what you really want is warm brie on crusty, fresh white baguettes.  No rice cakes when you really want old fashioned, popped in oil popcorn.  No salad when you're wishing for a hamburger with the works. 

Being a fashionista, the author wonders why we spend so much time worry about what we're going to wear on the outside but are willing to throw any ole garbage into the inside.

Obviously, with the freedom to eat whatever it is you really want, comes the responsibility to eat "just enough".  And just enough is the amount that is not too little (so that you're still hungry) and not too much (so that you've just stuffed yourself on that great food).

The idea is that if you're going to truly follow this lifestyle, it is going to take planning.  (If you love really good chocolate, you're not going to make any trips to the vending machine -- you don't really like the choices available there so you will avoid them as "not good enough").  And the food will taste so good, you will want to be mindful of every bite -- because you are enjoying the experience (not just hoping it will do the job).

So -- okay, I'm probably lovin' the snob diet because it's what we've been talking about for oh.....3 years now and everyone loves to be agreed with, right?  But I do want you to take the time to consider being a snob this holiday season.  Don't be afraid to turn your nose up at subpar offerings (metaphorically, of course!  No need to hurt someones feelings just because they didn't have time to make "from scratch").

If you think about it -- how many calories would you leave uneaten in a day if you were just a little bit more snobby about what's going in your mouth???

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