Friday, November 4, 2011

Do something Friday

At the risk of freakin' myself out (I hate to look ahead too much because it makes the time pass too fast) -- we've officially started the holiday season.  What?!  Wait!!'s not even Thanksgiving yet?!'s the thing -- Thanksgiving is 2.5 weeks away.  So, if you want to be successful this year in effectively managing your weight through the holidays, the time to start is now.  (as in TODAY!)

Grab your journal (stack of scrap paper, post-its, old spiral bound notebook with 4 pages ripped out but your kids won't use it this year because it was from last year and they need NEW spirals this year).  It's time to get back to journalling (just until Thanksgiving Day) and reacquainting yourself with the Hunger/Fullness scale.

How is that 7 supposed to feel?

Do you feel the urge to eat every time to flip on the TV?  (you snack all season at home AND at all the parties you're going to attend!)

Are you all sugar-addicted from the 3 bags of Halloween candy you bought but then ate yourself so you had to go out and get more October 30th?

If you're going to enter the holiday season with poise (and pants that actually zip without making you cringe), it's time to start paying attention to what you feel when you're putting things into your mouth.

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