Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Do something Wednesday

Okay, people -- it's time to make a plan for tomorrow.  If you're like many people around here, you're already starting to get stressed about eating tomorrow.....or at least that is the way people are phrasing it to me.

Actually, they aren't really worried about eating tomorrow -- they're worried about gaining a bunch of weight tomorrow (which isn't really likely) and possibly, they are worried about tomorrow being the kick off to an eating fest for the next 4 weeks.

Here are a couple things to remember as you make you're plan.

1.  Be realistic -- if you love dessert, it's unrealistic to tell yourself you're not going to have any.  A better option would be to use a small dessert plate and not go back for seconds.

2.  Feeling guilty is a choice (and a waste of energy!).  Use that energy and power of choice to make the smarter decision of eating only until you are comfortable.

3.  Even though turkey is "low fat", if that's what makes you feel too full -- you've still overeaten!  Someone made the point today that he eats turkey all year -- no celebration in that!  You don't have to eat the turkey if you don't love it!  Leave that room for something you love to eat and can't get very often.

4.  Lighten up!  Thanksgiving is about being thankful.  It's very hard to be grateful for your blessing if you're bemoaning any part of the day that lets you spend time with people you like! 

5.  Buck up.  Be sensible.  Pay attention to what your body is telling you.  It's one meal.  They are all just one meal.  Take 'em one at a time and get the greatest amount of satisfaction you can in the least amount of calories --- you'll do just fine!

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