Friday, August 5, 2011

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Picking your Always and Nevers

I never eat red meat.

I never eat cookies.

I always choose the low fat option.

I always eat healthy.

I never snack.

If you know me at all, you know none of these are true about me.  I often eat red meat -- but only when it sounds good.

I eat cookies more than I "should" but I can usually pass up certain cookies.....the operative word here is usually.

I almost never choose the low-fat option because many, many times manufacturers put more sugar or salt into the product to replace the fat and I find myself trading taste (that I want) for other ingredients (that I don't want).

I work to get more veggies into my diet because I like veggies and vitamins tend to make my stomach hurt -- but I can't say I always eat healthy. 

The point is:  You pick your always and you pick your nevers.  They are what run through our heads and the standards we measure ourselves against.  The sum total of always and nevers tend to be an ad hoc collection we have accumulated over the course of our lives.  Some people pick up a new one every time they go through the grocery store check out line!

Some worked well for a while and now no longer fit.  And yet, we clutch on to them and have a hard time letting them go.  Sometimes they hang around our necks like heavy weights -- pulling at us with such force we feel the need to rebel against them.  How helpful is that?

Spend some time listening to yourself this weekend.  What sorts of always and nevers to you tell yourself?  Are there any you want to get rid of because they are no longer working for you???

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