Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Great Story

So, I read this the other day:

Any great story contains the following elements:
• A person (or group of people)
• That want something.
• And are willing to overcome conflict.
• To get it.

I love good stories.  I love listening to good stories and telling good stories.  That's entertainment.

Living a good story though -- that's something else all together.

Think about what this list entails:  You have to want something (that isn't really the hard part -- most of us have lots of things we want).  But THEN.....you have to be willing to overcome conflict to get it.

That's the part where you work hard, sweat, fail, try again, lose heart but keep moving forward anyway, don't give up, live through some dark nights -- and if you can do all of that long enough, you live you great story.

But, you may ask, how long is long enough?  And all I can answer is: Until you get to the happy part.  It might not always look like you envisioned it -- but if you're happy, who cares?

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