Thursday, August 4, 2011

There are more mirrors than ever.....

sometimes what's missing is the willingness to look.  --Seth Godin

It's always interesting talking about mirrors in the context of weight management -- most of the time, it's a fast track to getting people defensive.  That's not what I'm talking about here....relax your shoulders :)

When you click over to Seth's post, you will see that he is not talking about literal mirrors but the figurative ones we use to see ourselves.  There are more tools than ever to see, track, record, interpret what we do.

The Eating journal clients use is just one.  There are lots of iPhone apps -- ones especially made to journal hunger and fullness.  There are blogs, websites, forums, live group classes both in person and via the web.  There is no shortage of resources to gain a greater understanding of our current relationship with food.

But most of the clients (or potential clients) I talk to tell me they already know what they are doing wrong.  Have you ever said that to someone?  You know all about yourself, you just can't change.

Maybe that is absolutely true.  But maybe you just don't want to do the work it takes to really understand what drives you to eat (and when....and how much). 

We're a species that likes to run on autopilot because that helps us be more efficient and get more done.  For things like parking my car at work (and finding it when I get out), autopilot works just fine.  If we had to work as hard to find food as we did even 150 years ago, autopilot would work just fine too.  But we don't.

3-4 times as much food as we actually need is delivered to us each time we go out to eat.  Literally, 3-4 times.  And Americans spend  more than 50% of their food budget per year eating out.  When food is that easy to come by -- autopilot and assumptions about how much and what kinds of foods we need to feel physically and emotionally satisfied will get us to where we (as a nation) are:  overweight, obese and less satisfied with ourselves and our relationship with food than ever.

In our pursuit of ease and efficiency, we've lost our way to health and comfort.

Find a mirror that works for you -- and use it!!

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