Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time management vs. Efficiency management

I just read a really thought provoking article about the difference between time management and efficiency management.  I haven't really ever given any thought to the difference.

Essentially, time management is about creating a time slot for a given activity.  In our case, let's say that is the time and space to pay attention to your eating experience.  In the beginning, this time is necessary.  We need time with no distractions so we can concentrate on what signals our body is giving us about our hunger and fullness levels.

Eventually, though, we all want to reach a point where we are efficient with the use of our eating scale.  We don't want to have to set aside time every day, week, or month to sit without distractions to figure out what our bodies are telling us.  We want to be efficient at these skills.  We want to be able to use them while at a table full of our friends or family.  We want to be able to realize we don't want to danish at the business meeting while we are trying to negotiate the best deal for our employer.

The article this morning talked about how much effort the author puts into learning his chosen skills.  Learning by reading, by listening to the audio book, writing about the concept, talking with clients or friends about the concept, trying to implement 2 or 3 of the ideas into his life.  All of this reinforces and deepens the knowledge he is trying to gain.  All of these activities make the knowledge more personal to him.  It causes him to refine his thoughts about the concept and makes it more meaningful for him.

Efficiency is all about becoming so comfortable with a concept that you can do it without it causing great amounts of stress or requiring much thought.  And this is exactly the place my clients want to be with their weight management -- all the benefits without the stress.

I have full faith y'all can get there.  It just takes work......a lot of work.  A lot of dedicated time in the beginning (but not forever).

Are you willing to do what it takes to become efficient?

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