Thursday, August 18, 2011


The below is a post I copied and pasted straight from Seth Godin's website.  Since I am pretty sure I have yet to convince you all that he is a genius so that you, too are reading his posts everyday, I wanted to share this one with you.

 "I'm under a lot of pressure..."

The ellipsis hides the most important part of this sentence:

"I'm under a lot of pressure from myself."

When you have a big presentation or a large speech or a spreadsheet due, the pressure you feel is self-induced. How do I know? Because stuff that felt high-pressure a few years ago is old hat to you now.

Because it used to be hard for you to speak to ten people, and now it takes a hundred or a thousand for you to feel those butterflies. Because not only do you get used to it, you thrive on it.

Unless you're in a James Bond movie, it's really unlikely that the pressure that you're feeling is anything but self-induced.

What you do with the pressure is up to you. If it's not helping you do great work, don't embrace it. Pressure ignored ceases to be pressure.

So what do you think of that last paragraph?  Genius, I tell ya!  Make it work for you or let it go -- applicable to so many things in life!

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