Friday, August 26, 2011

Do something Friday

“I shouldn’t have to.”  --This might be one of the phrases I hate most.  (The first one might be “It’s not fair.”)
The other day, someone actually said to me “I shouldn’t have to …” and I stood there dumbfounded – because…well, maybe you shouldn’t have to …but you do…so…what are you going to do about it??
Life isn’t fair and we all have to do things we feel we shouldn’t have to.  That’s just reality.  Telling me you shouldn’t have to is fighting against reality – like me saying I shouldn’t have been born blonde (ish) or female.  Maybe I should or maybe I shouldn’t have – but that’s what I am and it doesn’t really do any good at this point to fight against it.
What does do some good is to figure out if the results you want to get out of this life are worth doing the things you feel you “shouldn’t” have to do.  The people in this world who get where they want to be aren’t stopped by “shouldn’t have to’s”.   They roll up their sleeves and get to work.

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