Friday, August 19, 2011

Do something Friday

What if you could make the world a healthier place -- every day -- with very little extra effort?  Would you?

The other day, I got to hear Rob Lillie, of Gazelle fame, speak about making the world a healthier place.  His view (to paraphrase), is that when a customer buys a Gazelle product, they are supporting Girls on the Run, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and lots of other local events  that encourage people to get outside and move more, be more active, and be a positive influence on others.

Like it or not, we are our brothers (and sisters) keepers.  How we live our life is part of the tone of what's acceptable in the lives of our loved ones, friends, neighbors and community at large.

Your eating and activity patterns matter because we are pack animals and take our cues about what is socially acceptable from those around us.

So getting back to the original question -- you do shape your world.  Whether your stuffing yourself on a giant Blizzard or lacing up your shoes for an after-dinner amble around the block, others are watching.  When you choose to make healthy decisions for yourself and your own body, you are adding to social pressure for us all to make healthier behaviors part of our norm. 

You can make your world a healthier place.  What kind of a world are you going to create this weekend?

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