Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Worthy and Unworthy Thoughts

I can’t work when I’m traveling. The toll it takes is on my spirit. Unworthy thoughts pile up, alleviated by worthy ones. --Steven Pressfield

If I don't eat right, my attitude suffers.  The other night was a good example.  I got busy doing stuff around the house.  Spent my day in the yard, puttering along.  By evening I was pretty tired.  I didn't feel very hungry -- I just felt drained.  It was a beautiful evening and there were lots of things I could have done (gone for a walk, picked out a movie, biked to a friend's house to visit...) but nothing sounded good.  And worse than that, everything sounded bad!

My head was full of unworthy, negative thoughts.  Why?  Because I hadn't eaten very much that day and what I had wouldn't really be called high caliber fuel.  My own negativity was overwhelming me.

Unworthy thoughts seem to go hand in hand with weight management.  One change to our routine (an unexpected working lunch with our boss, the kids wanting to get pizza, etc) and our heads fill with negative, abusive language directed at ourselves.  Unworthy thoughts directed at the wonderful (albeit growing) people we are.

How do you counteract those unworthy thoughts?  How do you scrape together enough worthy ones to alleviate the others?  Are you making a conscious effort to?

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