Tuesday, July 10, 2012

15 Guilt-Free Ways to Enjoy Chocolate

Ha! Caught you!!  You couldn't resist looking at a post that was going to let you off the hook for eating something that you wanted to eat anyway!!!

Okay -- let me confess -- this title actually is the name of a post I read (you can read it here, if you want ;)  -- but my point is:

Why should you feel guilty about eating chocolate?  Even that article isn't going to let you off the hook for eating a whole bag of chocolates every day for a month.  And it is unlikely that have 2 or 3 chocolates (even 2 or 3 every day) is going to effect your weight very much.

Here's the deal -- if you want chocolate go have some....but if you're going to commit to the calories, get the exact kind of chocolate you're wanting.  Sit down some place quiet.  As you unwrap it, take time to notice the smell.  Bite into it and notice the texture (no -- just because it comes wrapped as one small unit does not mean it is one bite).  Let it melt a little bit.  Chew it slowly so you have time to taste it.  After you swallow it, take a breath before you take the next bite (as opposed to shoving the rest in because you're already bored with the exercise).

I guarantee -- if you take time to do this:
  • you won't over eat on chocolate
  • there will be no reason to feel guilty when you're done
  • you won't have to EVER substitute Giardelli's for "chocolate" protein powder.

Good trade?  I think so!

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