Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What is normal versus what is acceptable

I've talked (read: ranted) before about how much I can't stand the phrase "It's not fair!" but, prepare yourself, it's coming again.  Or really, this is more the warning ahead of time that "I know it's not fair -- but it is what it is so that's what we're going to have to deal with".

I just read this post by Core Performance:  Obesity by the numbers.  Shocking new stats

And while I think the term "shocking" may be a bit of an overstatement, I'll give the author as much credit as to say the numbers are surprising.

Here are a couple examples:

138 lbs - The average body weight worldwide (United Nations).
178 lbs - Average weight (in the US), 40 lbs higher than the worldwide average (United Nations).

12 - Percent of the world's population that is considered obese (WHO).
35 - Percent of adults over the age of 20 who are obese.

$2,700 - Extra costs for an obese person's healthcare, compared to non-obese people.
$575 - Increased cost of healthcare for obese employees compared to employees who smoke (Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine).

There are more stats at Core Performance but I think this gives you a feel for what we're up against.

Now...I'm not putting these here to villianize anyone.  I am hoping that we all start seeing this issue in a new light.  We live in a country blessed with conveniences and food.  We have well developed infrastructures so most of us only have to walk as far as our kitchen for clean water and food.  Most of us drive to our grocery store and have enough money to stop at McDonald's for a 32 oz. soda on the way.  (for a $1 I might add).

We are truly blessed.  HOWEVER....

These blessings come with responsibility -- and right now, we have an opportunity to change our world for the better because it's costing us too much to keep on living like we're living right now!

It's costing us our health, our creativity, our mobility, and our productivity.  And that all adds up to dollars and cents!

If you're blessed enough to have a job, your company needs your help in staying competative by you staying healthy.  If you're blessed enough to have people who love you, they need you to stay healthy so they have many years to enjoy your company.  If you have anything at all on your bucket list, you need to make sure you do what you can to give yourself enough time to do all the fabulous things you're dreaming of.

We need to maintain as much of our health as we can.  The choices you make TODAY have a DIRECT impact on where you are tomorrow.  Make the choices that will get you where you WANT to be! 

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