Friday, July 27, 2012

Do something Friday

Space and time to nurture our creativity may be one of our authentic hungers.  Perhaps we think that only food, drink, work, sex, shopping or pills can reduce the gnawing to a dull throb.  But maybe if we took an hour  a day to paint, to plot, or to throw pots, we wouldn't be in pain -- physical or psychic.  --Sarah Ban Breathnach

Are you eating to dull the pain (physical or psychic) in your life?  Is eating your default hobby because you don't have anything more interesting to do with your time? 

It's been my experience that (with the exception of true Foodies) most of us don't crave particularly gourmet foods for the simple pleasure of experiencing them.  We eat to dull the lack of anything better to do.

Think back to a time where you started doing something that was all-absorbing.  A time when you were so focused on what you were doing that you didn't register the need to eat.  You didn't want to stop what ever it was you were doing to shower or change your clothes or go to work. You were content doing your hobby.

All of us have things we want to try (or get back to) but think we shouldn't be spending our time that way.  This weekend, give some thought to what those things are.  If you don't think there's anything, give it some more thought!  Managing your weight may be as easy as giving yourself permission to try out that new hobby you suspect you might love.  The time to do it has to come from somewhere and my vote is it comes from the bank of time you're using to sit in front of the TV and eat!

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