Friday, July 20, 2012

Do something Friday

So my last thought (for now) on building levees is creating food-free zones.... like.....your car. Or your couch.

This weekend, spend some time paying attention to where you eat.  I don't like to set up rules (I really like sitting on the couch and eating dinner while I watch TV).  But guidelines help cut down on the random eating.  It makes it easier to tell yourself "not right now" because you're not saying no to the food, you're saying no to eating in the space you're currently occupying. 

Often, by the time you change spaces (out of the car or finished the show you were watching so you're up from the couch), the urge to eat has passed.

These don't have to be hard and fast rules -- sometime I don't plan well and I have to grab something to eat on the way to somewhere else.  But if that is the exception to the rule guideline, I will still be cutting out a lot of unnecessary calories that I can't give my full attention to anyway.

So there you have it -- a weeks worth of thoughts on changing your environment so you don't have to rely on your willpower.  Has it changed the way you think about what you're doing this week?  What did I miss and what works for you?

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