Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sit down later

Yesterday, I said we'd talk about Marty's question of tractor beams, couches, and exercise.  Here's my thought (although you Star Wars superfans might be able to tell me I have this wrong).

The tractor beam pulls you in by harnessing your own inertia.  So it makes sense that it's easier to avoid the drive-thru tractor beam if you're not actually willing to head in the direction of the drive-thru in the first place.  You are avoiding them on principle -- it's just not who you are right're not a drive-thru person.

Same goes with the couch.  I have personally felt the tractor beam of the couch sucking me in.  But the reason I can feel it is because I was tired (or lazy) and heading in that direction anyway -- once engaged in the thought that I could just lay down and zone out -- it wasn't really that hard for the tractor beam to lock on. 

This is where I think I may run into trouble with you superfans.  It is my belief that once I am actually on the couch, it's not the tractor beam keeping me there, it's gravity.  I am pretty sure my body weight is the only thing keeping me on the couch once I get laying down (because, let's be honest, how many of you actually sit upright when you're on the couch??).  And that's pretty good news because we all deal with our body weight all day long -- we are completely capable of getting ourselves up off the couch.

But (again with the levee idea), we all know it's harder to break the tractor beam or gravitational force than it is to avoid them.  My suggestion?  If you want to work out (ok...maybe "want to" is too strong of a statement.  Maybe "if you think you should" is better), DON'T SIT DOWN UNTIL YOU'VE WORKED OUT.

I know it sounds harsh.  I know you get tired.  I get tired too.  But, if you're tired, that's all the more reason to put your limited resources to use in the direction you need them (working out!) instead of sitting down and then trying to regroup and marshall non-existent energy to then break gravitational forces, stand up, and go work out.

You need as much help as you can give yourself.  Creating guiding principles that help you focus on the things that matter can ensure you get to where you want to be.

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