Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tools vs insight

Knowing about a tool is one thing.......Perhaps we need to spend less time learning new tools and more time using them.

I have a saying -- no knowledge is ever wasted.  To me, it means even if I take the time to learn
something today but have no conceivable way to use that knowledge just yet, I fully expect that at some point in the future, I will be able to use that knowledge -- so learning is never a waste of time.

But what happens if you never use that knowledge?  For me, the process of learning is enjoyable (most of the time) so even if I never use that specific knowledge, if I got joy from the process --viola!  not a waste!

But what about you and managing your weight?

Reading this blog is fantastic.....if:

a. it entertains you (and hopefully it does)
b. you learn something you can integrate into your eating behaviors. (which hopefully you least sometimes)

And if one of those two (or maybe even both) are true for you then the time you spend with me isn't wasted.

But....if you want to make progress with your weight management skills -- you have to start PUTTING INTO PRACTICE those skills that strike you as do-able.

Eat less.

Move more.

Find a few extra way to use both those skills in a week (and in the next and the next) --- now that is a recipe for weight management success!

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