Monday, February 6, 2012

Thought for the Day....who are you?

Okay -- this is a longer than normal thought for the day but stick with me:

Today, my friend Travis Saunders, co-author of the blog Obesity Panacea, recounts his recent experience going to his doctor's. Brief background. Travis? He's stupid fit. He's the guy that makes you shake your head and wonder what kind of crazy crawled into him that makes him run, bike, and ski through sun, rain and snow, day in and day out. He's also an obesity researcher. A good one.

So what happened with Travis?

The nurse practitioner at his MD's office weighed him, saw that his BMI was nearing 25, and told him he should, "watch his weight" moving forward as he was nearing the "overweight" range.

You see Travis wasn't Travis to the nurse. He was BMI 24.5.

I suspect other folks visiting that nurse weren't Marge, or Bill or Peter, they were BMI 37, BMI 32, and BMI 29.  --
Yoni Freehoff, MD

So...the big question for the day is:  Who are you?  Do you see yourself as a person?  Or a number on the scale? 

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