Thursday, February 16, 2012

Throw away the Maps

I thought this was a fantastic read!  Hopefully, you're in the midst of writing down everything you're eating.  That is a map.  It tells you where you've been.  It give you an idea of the direction you need to go. 

I hope this inspires you as much as it did me!

"People judge us by the path they’ve seen us walk before. They can’t anticipate our future steps. We, ourselves, look to how things have been, what seems to be the lay of the land, without realizing that the maps are not the territory.

Want to succeed at work? Then don’t try to do your job. Instead, work towards something larger, more meaningful, and something that blends your convictions internally with your best ability to help others externally.

Want to create something new? Then throw away the old, or maybe join two disparate old things together into something new. The newest creations often come from two old maps stuck together.

Want to feel confident? Then forgive yourself every footstep you’ve ever taken until the one still attached to the bottom of your foot and start now. Today. Day one. Focus on your next steps, not the ones you missed.

Bravery and courage don’t come from following some guide. Be where you are, truly where you are at this moment, and see the real territory around you and take stock. And with that reality, even if it’s a painful one, throw away your maps and walk your own path. " Chris Brogan

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