Friday, February 3, 2012

Do something Friday

Mindfulness is....

Deliberately paying attention, without judgment, to one's own experiences.

Cultivating an appreciation of all experiences.

Happens in the present moment.

....don't get concerned.  These aren't touchy, feely concepts.  They are the basis of a very practical strategy that will allow you to start understanding why you eat (are you hungry, bored, highly suggestible), how much you eat (do you eat until your stuffed or do you graze all day and never really get physically hungry), and when you eat (all the time, anytime you're with others, any time you get into the car...)

Yesterday, I said we're going to start reviewing the use of the Hunger/Fullness scale.  But first -- let's get you practiced up in the skill of being able to write down EVERYTHING you put into your mouth.

Nothing tricky here except actually getting it done.  You don't need to estimate amounts or anything.  Just write down:

7a coffee with cream
10a Oatmeal
2.30p chips and cheese / cookie


The time you ate and what you ate.

And don't judge!  Yes...I know what that list looks like!  There's not a veggie to be seen on that list-- nutrition is atrocious!'s what I have eaten so far...I could lie and make myself feel and look better.  But it wouldn't change my actually choices (because I've already made them!) 

If I can do it, so can you! 

Tackle mindfulness for 4 days.  I'll see you back here on Tuesday to review the Hunger/Fullness scale.

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