Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Middle

Okay -- so you've worked on assessing when how physically hungry you are and how full you get.  What about those times when you're not hungry at all (but you eat anyway).

This isn't bad behavior!  It just needs to be recognized so you can plan accordingly.

So far, we've got all of the numbers on the scale defined except 456.  This is used all as one word not as levels and it signifies trigger eating.

Trigger eating is eating for any reason other than physical hunger.  So -- you're 3 o'clock vending machine trip when you had lunch at noon?  Likely, trigger eating because you're bored, sick of working, or just need a break. 

Eating at noon but not physically hungry?  456.  If you're eating because the clock tells you it's time -- trigger eating.  Eating because you need to take meds with food?  Trigger eating.  Eating the piece of birthday cake because you don't want to be rude?  Trigger eating.

It's not bad.  It's not inappropriate.  It just is.  Learn to understand the difference between trigger eating and physical hunger and it just gives you more option about where you're going to find your nine bites to leave uneaten.

TODAY, notice when you're eating for any other reason than physical hunger.  WRITE IT DOWN!

....and as always....don't judge!  Be nice to yourself and just notice these behaviors -- you're not broken and there's no need to fix yourself.  This is just an exercise to give yourself more opportunities to actively choose working on your long-term satisfaction versus choosing short-term gratification.

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