Friday, February 10, 2012

Do something Friday - putting it all together

Okay -- at this point, hopefully, you have been journalling for a week.

***Although experience tells me many of you think you can do this without actually taking the time to write it down.  And I will tell you, in no uncertain terms, you're wrong.  Writing it down requires discipline -- which is what is required to learn any new skill.  If you're not writing it down, you're dabbling.  Which is fine if that's the kind of results you want.  But if you actually want to manage your weight, learn a new skill, and work with your body the way it is designed -- you HAVE to write this stuff down.***

And that is exactly your "Do something Friday" plan.  Write it down.  Everything you put into your mouth. 
What time are you eating? 

What time are you journalling? (You need to be writing this stuff down in close proximity to the actual eating event -- otherwise, it is unlikely you will remember everything little "just one bite" thing you ate ....  which is the definition of un-mindfulness!

How hungry are you when you start?

How full are you when you finished?

That's it.  Two weeks.  Make the commitment to WRITE IT DOWN and you will be surprised how much easier it gets to be mindful.

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