Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Are you ready for the onslaught?

Coke wants to double it's world wide consumption by the year 2020.  They are not doing this for you, for your health, for your children's health.  They are doing it to make money.  They have nothing against you -- Coke is just a bunch of people looking to keep their jobs and increase their sales -- just like many of the rest of us.

However -- If you do your part to help them reach their goal, they will not reciprocate.  They will not ease off marketing their product toward you (or your kids) if you don't help them.  They are going to hit us hard with marketing that shows all the best life has to offer -- and how Coke brought it all together and made it happen.  It's not true, of course.  And as you sit here and read this, you know no soda will not make you happier with your life.  But, if the marketers of Coke (and all the other packaged food products) have their way, you won't be thinking about how their products really affect you -- you'll be thinking about how good their products sound right now.

If you want to withstand their marketing onslaught, you need to start training now.  Get clear on your weight management goals and get to work finding strategies that let you reach a healthy weight and stay there.  We don't have much time -- the food marketers are getting warmed up.  And they'll steer you off course, if you let them.

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