Monday, January 2, 2012

Thought for the Day....who's in charge

"Do you often slip off your ideal diet? Do you eat when others invite you to, even though you are not hungry?  Do you continue eating even when you are full, because you feel you should finish what’s on the plate?

 If you do, you’re not alone. Looking back, I often compromised on my ideal diet, based on the situation I was in.

If I was in a restaurant, I would order the mains even though I wasn’t very hungry, because I thought I should match what others were ordering. I would then blame my misstep on the fact that I was eating out. If there was food in the house, I would eat that, then blame my overeating on the food. If there was junk food, I would eat that, then blame my poor diet on lack of availability of healthy food. If someone offered me food, I would take it, then blame the circumstance for making me slip on my diet.

 Of course, I was the reason why I kept slipping off my ideal diet – not the food, not the restaurants, not other people, and certainly not the situations. I had given power of deciding what to feed my body over to others. It was when I took ownership of my meals that I turned that around." --Celes at Personal Excellence

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