Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's the biggest threat to your waistline?

Status quo. 

Eat whatever you're served -- all of it regardless of whether you chose that portion size or not.  Go back for seconds because "that's just what you do".  Stop at a drive-thru every time the urge hits -- it takes too much work to fight it.**

Sit more -- it's easier than stopping at the gym or going for a walk after dinner.  Yoga before work to start your day relaxed? Ah...the bed's warmer -- just stay there.

If you're content with your habits -- stop reading this blog.  You don't need it and it's probably a waste of your time.  If you're not content -- give up being comfortable.  Give up status quo.  Take the phrase "It's just easier" COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR VOCABULARY! 

The time is now.  Every minute is now.  Make your choices in support of change.

**(they don't charge you for just pulling around the building, you know.  Even if you turn in, you could still get yourself out without ordering something).

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