Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quick! It's the easy way out!!

"It’s human nature to look for the easy way out."  This is the opening line form Copy Blogger's post.

I can only assume it's not 100% true in all things at all times (I know it's know always true for me).  But it seems like this is the basis for our perennial (as in happens every year!) weight struggles.

We know what we "should" do....but we just don't want to.  So we hope and we pray and we spend money on the next IT! drug, machine, book, pill, prepackaged meal plan, fad, juicer, guru, that comes along because we just keep hopin' that there's something out there easier than:

Eating less (and for many of us that means MUCH less)

Moving more (and for many of us that means MUCH more)

There aren't easier ways.  Every guru, pill, juicer, surgery, fad, meal plan....all of it, is going to make use of these two principles:

Fewer calories in.
More calories burned through movement.

The rest of it is just expensive window dressing.  You can pick the flavor -- but you've really only got two choices to manage your weight.  They are both simple....but neither is easy.

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