Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prisoners of the Urgent

It's also a theme on which I hear variations every day. Think of it as a madness loop — a vicious cycle. We react to what's in front of us, whether it truly matters or not. More than ever, we're prisoners of the urgent.

Have you read that quote that say something like "The urgent isn't usually important and the important isn't usually urgent"?  (Obviously my paraphrasing).

We do get stuck putting out fires.  Like the fire of "I'm so hungry I need to run through this drive-thru and grab something before I starve to death!"


"I need to lose these 10 (or 100) pounds before ______ .  I don't want people to see me like this".


"My doctors appointment is next week!  I better hit the gym every day this week!"

The drive-thru because you didn't plan well enough and are going to starve to death -- really?

You want to lose weight because you don't want _______ to see you like this?  People see you all day, everyday.  You really care what that person or group thinks about you more than all the people that see you everyday and think you're fantastic?

Hitting the gym for a week?  Great start to a new habit!  But seriously, how much is it going to change the outcome of your doctor's appointment?  (although I will tell you that much exercise is enough to raise your HDL's so your cholesterol ratio will look better!)

Are these urgent matters what you want to focus on?  Or do you have important things that need your attention -- like...

Preparing for your busy day by making sure you have a snack in your bag that is going to leave you energized, feeling positive, and not so hungry that you undo a week's worth of mindful eating with one stop at a drive-thru.


Learning to manage your eating habits so you feel comfortable in clothes and confident in your body -- as the rule not the exception.


Being able to head into your doctors appointment without worrying you are going to "get in trouble" because you are already doing the things (from eating to stress management to sleeping enough to moving more) that are letting you enjoy your life more than you ever have.

What's feeling urgent today?  And is it really important?

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