Thursday, January 5, 2012

Measurable isn't always what matters most

This is a shocking statement.  The basis of my job is measurable.  People want to weigh less, have smaller circumferences, wear smaller sizes, fit into airplane seats better (good luck with that one, right?)

It's all about measurable -- or at least that is what my clients tell first.

Once they start practicing mindful eating, the conversations start to change.  They talk about success feeling like they are in charge of their eating decisions.  They talk about feeling calm when they are faced with a dinner party.  They talk about realizing they don't "need" as much food as they thought they did.  They talk about realizing they don't HAVE to stop and get a sundae just because they are close to their favorite ice cream shop.

What do my clients really want?  Peace.  Ease.  Comfort.  To have the ceaseless critic in their head silenced.  They want to feel calm.

Upon reflection, if this sounds like you, maybe you should think about the tools available to you to get there.  Like the Yogi Berra said:  "If you don't know where you're going, you just might end up someplace else."

As an aside:  (and speaking of tools) I am considering running an 6 week Eating Coach class online via Google+ but...I am only going to run it if we have 9 people signed up.  I have it tentatively scheduled for 7p on Mondays -- starting in a couple weeks (the cost is $99 -- it's normally $125 but because it's the first online class I have offered, I'm going to discount it a little bit).  All of the classes will be live online.  Send me an email to reserve your spot and get the full details.

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