Friday, December 30, 2011

Do something Friday....

Yesterday, I told you about the book The Flinch.
Today, I'm going to encourage you to commit to something that makes you flinch.  Whether it's an exercise program or changing the way you eat -- the New Year is a great time to make a fresh start.

But here's the difference:

I want you to commit to it for a year.  2012: The Year of _________.

What's it going to be?

Write it out.  Commit to it.  Post it somewhere.

Need help sticking to it?  Try this service.  It lets you set up your goal and then emails you reminders to post your progress.  For extra incentive, you can put some money on the line.  Every time you do not achieve your goal for the week, it will make a donation to your charity of choice (and charge your credit card for it!).

It is easier than ever to hire an e-coach, join a group trying to make the same changes you are, get educated (although sometimes people spend so much time educating themselves they never act on the education), find the resources you need to be successful in your behavior change.

The one thing none of us can do for you is make the decision and get started.  That's your job -- get to work!

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