Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I don't have time.....

Yes, you do.  You have exactly as much time as anyone else.  We all only get 24 hours.  Sure, yours are full.  Mine are full too.  Shoot!  Even a toddler's day is full  -- it's full of different stuff but let's face it, the kid's busy all day!  Maybe you're trying to earn a living, keep the house clean, repair the car, and shovel the driveway clear.  You're busy -- believe me, I get that.  But it really comes down to priorities.
Are you ready to let some other things slide (so your house isn't spotless or your kids have to cook dinner a couple night a week) so you can get healthy?

Small changes in how you eat (we've talked about that -- just a 9 bite reduction per day) will start your weight loss.

Just small amounts of extra movement (as little as 10-20 minutes) will start you on your path to a healthier self.

Are you telling me you can't find 20 minute and 9 bite in your day?  Of course you can.  The question is -- are you willing to look?

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