Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Recover your Rhythm

One of the reasons many people struggle with the holidays is we have the misguided idea that we can do it all. 

We can work all our regular hours, exercise like we know we should, shop, party plan, get the kids to all of their pre-vacation activities (should anyone have to go to 2 band concerts, 2 ballet recitals, a class party, and 3 holiday field trips all in December??), cook healthy dinners, make (not so "healthy") potluck treats......

It's too much.

Our groove gets messed up.  Things are too chaotic.  And what (for many of us) is the answer to stress?

Stress eating. (which, by the way, leads to more stress -- since then you are stressed out about all the food you just ate!)

How do you get your groove back?

Start by planning a little better. 

Plan on packing your lunch for the next couple weeks.  Make sure they include veggie and fruits.  Ensuring you're getting your vitamins and minerals (in natural food form) will help keep your energy levels up for all the running around you're going to be doing.

Plus, if you're packing a majority of your lunches for the next couple weeks, you can have a little bit more control with your portion sizes.  Especially if you know your going out in the evening, a smaller lunch makes it easier to limit your overeating.

The other upside of packing your lunches is you will be less likely to do 7 other errands when you run out to pick up your lunch.  You can use that time to take a breather, go for a walk, read a book, or plan your evening shopping.  You can choose to take that time to destress.  -- and if you're managing your stress better, there's less of a chance you're going to stress-eat.

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