Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More no and more yes

The interesting thing about how many of us approach food is how automatically "no" oriented it is.

No carbs.

No fats.

No sweets.

No junk.

We tell ourselves no....a lot.

But we don't tell ourselves yes.

Yes, I am making a healthy choice.

Yes, I am making a guilt-free choice.

Yes, I am doing this and I feel good about it.

What if we reframes our no's?

No, this food doesn't taste good -- it is not worth the calories.

No, I am not hungry.  I am not going to finish the food on my plate.

No, I don't want desert.  I am choosing to be finished with my meal.

There really isn't anything wrong with no's and there's nothing particularly virtuous about yes's -- it's all in how they're used.  Are you making choices or running on autopilot?  Do you recognize the no or the yes running through your mind as you make those choices?

Mindful eating is all about deliberately choosing the no or the yes to suit your purpose: feeding your body or fueling your soul.  Sometimes food can do that and other times it can't.  Do you know the difference??


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!
    It's being printed out and placed on nearly every surface of my house.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!