Thursday, December 1, 2011

Something that drives me CRAZY!!!

I hate it when people comment on what others are eating, in the "should you really eat that?" kind of way!  Not just when I am on the receiving end of the comments -- but when anyone is on the receiving end of comments.

It makes me want to stand up and scream "LEAVE THEM ALONE! YOU AREN'T BEING HELPFUL!!" an aside, they are making my job harder.

Guilt and "shouldn'ts" don't work in the long-term.  They just don't. 

Lots of things don't work in the long-term.  Atkins, for example.  It doesn't work because most of us don't want to live that way any longer than we have to to get the weight off.  Definitely not a long-term solution.

Sure...guilt and shouldn'ts stick with us -- but they don't stop us.  They just make us feel bad about our eating.

Want a new approach?  One that might be a great fit for your family (since eating behaviors and obesity tend to run in families)?  Check out the NPR story on the Packard Pediatric Weight Control Program. Kids don't need the guilt......and neither do you!!

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