Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Have you ever noticed that life is made up of a weird set of contradictions?  Here I am, with one breath, preaching mindfulness -- life in the moment -- pay attention and in the next moment, I'm quoting an article entitled "Why you need to make your life more automatic"

...a raft of recent studies have shown that the capacity for self-control — even more than genetic endowment or material advantage — fuels a range of positive outcomes in life, including more stable relationships, higher paying and more satisfying work, more resilience in the face of setbacks, better health, and greater happiness.

And the weird truth is that both are right.  We're working on being more mindful so that we can create automatic habits that net us better results than the automatic habits we have right now.  --But you have to become aware of those automatic habits to be able to change them.  And then we have to exert effort (sometimes a lot of effort) in changing those behaviors.  All of which takes energy.  But the reward?  Think about this:

How different would your life be, after all, if you could get yourself to sleep 8 hours at night, exercise every day, eat healthy foods in the right portions, take time for reflection and renewal, remain calm and positive under stress, focus without interruption for sustained periods of time, and prioritize the work that matters most?

Hmmmm......sounds pretty good to me.  I know it won't happen overnight but it seems like a great goal to work towards!

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