Thursday, March 1, 2012

I want to be entertained!

Don't we all. 

That's the basis of television.  Entertain me!  Don't make me entertain myself -- that's too hard.

Sorry folks.  At some point (whether it's a number on the scale or a size you never thought you'd have to buy...), you need to realize it's not appropriate to entertain yourself with food.  Wrong tool for the job.

Talk a walk and see what the changes have happened in the world around you.

Call up a friend and see if they have any funny stories to share.

Eeekkk!  Even surfing the web is better than watching TV from a weight management perspective  (it's very hard to eat and type at the same time .... plus you get Cheeto dust on the keyboard -- gross!)

Mindlessly using food to entertain yourself is not going to help you feel better about your world.

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