Thursday, March 15, 2012

Slowing down

Yesterday, I quoted an article from The Energy Project.  I didn't want to bombard you with too many concepts in one post but at the very end of the post, Tony said something else I thought (and have noticed in my own life to be true) was worth pointing out to you:

Speed is the enemy of reflection, understanding and intentionality. When we slow down, we can begin to notice both what's driving us, and how to take back the wheel.

How true.  And how often forgotten.

We live busy lives.  And when they're not busy, we fill them up with noise and distraction (the Internet, OnDemand, 300+ channels of mostly garbage -- need I say more?)

We are in the unique situation of having so much available information and entertainment that we never HAVE TO slow down if we don't make the conscious choice to.

And the thing about it is -- if the thought of slowing down strikes fear into the very heart of you, you're not alone!  I talk to people all the time who keep themselves manically busy so they don't have to deal with what may happen when they slow down enough to think.  Scary stuff!

But I can tell you from my own experience, my creativity, zest for life, and will to get things done are all much greater when I carve out time to slow down each week.

How about you?  Do you even know how much slow time is necessary for you to perform optimally?

As Tony finished his post:

We each have an infinite capacity for self-deception — endless ways that the awesome power of our desires cause our prefrontal cortex to defend the indefensible and rationalize behaviors that aren't serving us well. The first step to building willpower and self-control is recognizing how little we currently have.

You can't change what you don't notice.

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