Friday, March 2, 2012

Do something Friday

How to stock your car with healthy foods -- this was the name of an article I just read.  Full of good tips on how to make sure you have access to healthy options when you're out and about, I am left wondering if this isn't exactly the advice that is making us fat.

Ok -- if you travel for business and are on the road all day this advice makes sense.  It's hard to find reasonable portions of healthier option foods when you travel.  But we're talking about being on the road all day long -- not running to the grocery store.

Even when I consider the weekend travel that many of us do (hauling the kids here, there, and everywhere while trying to fit errands in between), the advice seems a little overblown.

I remember packing snacks for my kids when they were little because, for them, unattended hunger led to emotional meltdowns.  But we're not children.  We should have a little better understanding of our bodies and our emotions.

Hunger is not a bad sensation to feel.  It should not be avoided at all costs.  You don't need to keep nibbling thoughout your normal commute to stave off  death by starvation.

This weekend, pay attention to how you commute.  Are you reflexively hoarding snacks in your purse, pocket or car because you are used to eating while you drive?  Perhaps it's time to unlearn that behavior.  Perhaps it's time to fully realize experiencing a little bit of the physical hunger sensation isn't something worth gaining more weight to avoid.

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