Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You're missing the point!!!!!!!

Well...maybe not you personally -- but there are a lot of you out there missing my point! 

We can't keep doing what we're doing and expect different results!

Making healthful choices is a good thing.  I just watched a video (from a site I love but an not going to link because it made me so mad!)  with a dietitian talking about stress eating, how it can derail a healthy diet, and how to surround yourself with healthy options -- so you can stress eat healthy foods!!!???

Does anyone really think stress eating healthy foods is the answer to this issue???

How about putting all that energy into managing your stress more effectively?

Has anyone ever (EVER!) solved a stressful problem by eating?  Unless your stressful problem was malnutrition the answer is NO.  Food is not the answer to stress.  And I am going to throw out there that I bet stress eating increases your stress level after you recover from the food coma (which was the whole point of stress eating anyway -- to numb yourself to the discomfort you were feeling in the first place).

Solve your stress problems.  Go for a walk.  A walk will literally and measurabley decrease the muscular tension you feel.  You blood pressure will be lower when you get back -- literally, measurably lower!!  Use the walk time to notice what's going on around you -- the whole world is spinning by, how does your stressful situation stack up against that?  Gain some perspective.  Move.  Let your stress be a catalyst to positive health behavior change! 

Get out of the kitchen.  Put on your shoes.  No excuses....I know you don't want to.  Do it anyway.

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