Friday, March 11, 2011

Do something Friday

Yesterday, we talked about those negative voices in our heads that have nasty comments for everything we do.  Now that you are starting to notice them, how are you going to counter that thought pattern?
Think of something you feel really successful about.  Come on....think!  What are you proud of or pleased with that you have accomplished in the past?

What if, whenever you hear the negative comments, you pick up your chin (and I mean physically actually picking up your chin) and reply "I have done __insert_what_you feel_positive_about______ already and I am accomplishing my weight management too".

No arguing, just a simple statement of fact -- you have been successful in the past and you will be successful in the future.

And if you add the chin lifting part, it adds a whole confident posture change, which, science is tells us, changes the neuromessengers in our bodies.  Our physical body reacts like we really are more confident in our own statement.  Cool, huh?

So give this mindfulness exercise a try this weekend. 

  1. Notice the tape running through your head.
  2. Lift your chin
  3. Repeat your positive phrase

Then notice how you feel.  Are you feeling more positive and confident with your situations?  Remember, the more you think you can do something, the more likely it is you will be successful -- sometimes we need to work on feeling confident and then the problem is easier to tackle.

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