Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why are you doing what you're doing?

I just finished an (the 6th) version of an essay about why I do what I do for a living.  This first 5 were terrible.  I mean it....really terrible.  This 6th wasn't too bad -- not great but not embarrassingly bad anyway.

What I learned from this experience is:

It's sometimes really hard to figure out why I want to do what I do. (Because" it's fun" isn't really a reason.)  But walking out of the process, I can see how each of the essays contributed to a deeper understanding of my behaviors.  Verbalizing is a great way to actually see if I KNOW the reason I do what I do.

Have you ever noticed how "Because my boss/spouse/doctor/best friend told me I needed to" isn't really long-term motivating?  And if you really want to be successful in managing your weight, ultimately, it comes down to you doing the work (because no one can do it for you) and you keeping yourself motivate (because no one understands you like you do).

But if you don't understand your own motivations, how can you  be successful practicing mindful eating and keeping yourself motivated to eat mindfully when it's much easier to "let things ride"?

Maybe it's time for you to write an essay. (I can hear the groans from here -- believe me, I feel your pain!).  Take some time to write out why you're doing what you're doing.  If it doesn't come easy, give it some more thought and write another essay (and another, and another, and another if you have to).  Keep writing until you can adequately put into words why you are trying to manage your weight in the first place.  I expect you have many more reasons that you think (right now).  And wouldn't it be great to gain some extra motivation when the chips are down and you really want to binge?

And once you get your essay done, if you're really brave and looking for some accountability, leave it as a comment on the blog -- share it with the world so we can tell you what a great job you're doing!!

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