Thursday, March 24, 2011

How is Mindful Eating training different than Training for a Marathon?

It's not.

Have you ever considered (even for a moment) training for a marathon?  I have (for a very brief moment).

26.2 miles.  Let that sink in for a minute.   Yikes!!  That is a LONG way!

But then give this some thought:

People average 250 food choices per day -- so just this weekend, you will be making 500 choices.  How do you go about being mindful that whole time???

Well, just like marathon training, you start small.  Marathoners don't run the 26.2 miles on their first training run.  They start with what they can manage -- maybe they start with 2 miles.  Sure, it's a long climb from 2 miles to 26.2 -- but if, when you start, all you have is 2 in you -- then that's where you have to start.  It will just take you longer.

Same goes for mindful eating.  If you can only master eating breakfast mindfully -- then that's where you have to start.  Starting (for any type of training is the real key to success -- not where you are when start).

Marathon training is broken down into chunks and you have to train consistently if you want consistent results.  Most areas now have marathon training groups -- so much easier to maintain your momentum if you have a supportive group around to train with.

Did you know I can personally vouch for us having close to 300 people in Kalamazoo getting this blog in their email inbox.  There are people out there to train with.  Are you looking for them?

And what's the biggest way mindful eating training is like marathon training?  You have to do it even when you don't feel like it.  It will get easier -- but it takes practice even when it doesn't feel natural.

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