Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The 500th Post!

This is the Eating Coach Official 500th post!!

When I started this blog, I didn't even tell anyone I was going to try it. I just started writing and figured it would be okay if I ran out of things to say (at 10 or 50 or a 100 posts) if no one was reading it anyway. But I must not have run out of things to say since I made it this far.

Having 500 posts under my belt, there is one thing I can say for sure -- I wouldn't want to have to sit down and crank out 500 posts all at once --- or even in a month -- it would be too tough!

It's not tough writing one post per day (or not usually that tough). Looking for inspiration for one post is a do-able thing. And honestly, once I realized I could do one post per day, I found I liked it well enough to add another post. At my 300th Eating Coach post, I added the Kristi-in-Kzoo blog. I don't update that one as regularly as this one -- it keeps the pressure off and I just post things that interest me.

A couple months ago, I started administrating and posting for the BorgessAthlete. So now I'm up to 2 posts every day -- which is cool!

NOW.....before this really does sound like too much self-congratulations -- here's what I really want you to notice about my story:

1. I started out just seeing if I could make a small change. There was a risk of failure -- but I tried to limit price of failure so it was small enough that Lizzie couldn't start screaming at me too loud.

2. I had to learn to break my work down into manageable pieces and then spread it out over 21 months. If I had convinced myself it needed to be done all at once -- I would have been too overwhelmed to start!

3. Once I had some success with what I was doing, I looked for ways to expand on that success -- but it wasn't perfectly copied success (I only add to the "just for fun" blog when it's fun and convenient -- to keep the pressure off).

Give some thought to an area you have been successful in.  Did you jump in both feet way over your head and devote every waking hour of you life to that success until you achieved it?  (some people do...but I think they must have longer attention spans than I do) Or....did you stick a toe in, try it out, work through the kinks, walk away from it and then walk back to it.....etc.?

All of that is another way to say:

Start small.
Build on success over time.

And then don't forget to step back, appreciate what you've accomplished for a minute, feel good, and then get back to work.

What do you think? Sound like a plan?

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