Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Having trouble keeping on track?

Ask for help.

This might be the hardest step for many of us to take.  There is a weird definition of self-sufficiency many of us carry around that sometimes does more harm than good. (I know I've battled with this from time to time).

If we are fortunate enough to have some confidence in our abilities, that confidence sometimes hamstrings us with the idea that because we can do many things well, we should be able to do all things well.  Especially, weight management, right?  Because how hard is it?  We know what we should be doing.

And that might be an accurate view from the intellectual side of our brain.  But we aren't talking about the intellectual side -- that side knows why we shouldn't eat the whole pan of brownies after the kids are in bed.  We are talking about the emotional side of our brain.  The one that needs encouragement, a pat on the back, and permission to feel crappy about the decisions we now have to make because we made different decisions in the past.

Sometimes, sharing your frustrations with a friend, coworker, or loved one is enough to get the ball rolling again.  Having someone to encourage you, tell you you're on the right track, and they appreciate all the hard work you are putting into making yourself healthier (both physically and mentally), is enough to get past your frustrations and on to the important work of continuing to make small changes in your eating habits.

And if you're not frustrated, give some thought to who your support people will be if frustration threatens to derail you.  It's always better to have a plan for these situations should they arise than fly by the seat of your pants when you're feeling down in the dumps about your progress.

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